A Late Christmas Wish For My Readers

Tall Santa

Okay, so I’ve been busier than 75 Santa’s delivering goodies all over the place. But it’s still not an excuse for not posting on my blog. So, I will tell you a bit about what I’ve been up to this past week.

Our store has been crazy busy with lovely customers arriving with lists of books and games to get their families. And Nooks have been flying off the shelves. Yes, Nooks are here to stay. People are realizing that they are not replacements for the precious books we all love, but alternatives for reading.

At home, I’ve been busy baking and preparing for Christmas. We had a houseful of people visiting including two very cute little grandchildren.


Emerson incognito

I just had to show you Emerson incognito. She is our youngest grandchild. Emerson loved her doll carriage, her sparkly pink flip-flops, and her sunglasses. And, yes, she really is a character.

Below, you can find Liam’s chalk art. He and his dad had fun coloring up the sidewalk.

Our entire family got together for a fabulous feast at my youngest son’s home in Cape Coral on Christmas Day. Mike outdid himself. There were fifteen in all  and all had a blast.

I just finished reading AN OBJECT OF BEAUTY by Steve Martin. I will be posting my review later this week. It is a good one. I love NYC and I learned plenty about the art world.

I will also be blogging about the ten books on my Best of 2010 list later this week.

Until then, I wish all of you a great holiday week. And thanks so much for your loyalty and good tidings! They mean so much.

Chalk Art

Liam's chalk artOU


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