The Neighbors Are Watching

Debra Ginsberg is the author of  this new novel.  It’s now available in trade paper. Her first book was a memoir called WAITING.

The story takes  place in San Diego, California. Deals with Santa Ana winds and fire. Psychological thriller. Joe is the father of a young bi-racial woman who shows up on his doorstep at the age of seventeen, pregnant and unmarried. He has literally never met her. He  is married to Allison who had an abortion early in their relationship never suspecting he had  ever fathered a child in the past.

The neighbors really are all watching, and they are a bunch of nosey parkers for sure. Dorothy and her simpleton of a  husband add plenty of color and surprise.   Their son Kevin is heavily involved with drugs.

Diana, Joe’s daughter, disappears suddenly and everyone thinks they know who to point the finger at.  The fires change the world for all involved.

This unique novel was a sleeper in hardcover last year. What a page turner it quickly becomes.

This novel delves into the complexities of family, of knowing who you live next to. And forgiveness.


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