Teaser: Jean Kwok Coming Wednesday

Jean Kwok

Photo of Jean Kwok by Mark Kohn

I will be interviewing the lovely Jean Kwok here on my blog on Wednesday, December, 1. Jean is the amazing author of  GIRL IN TRANSLATION. This beautifully told story begins with a young Chinese girl coming to live in NYC with her mother and brother. They arrive with no English from Hong Kong.

You won’t want to miss this revealing and very personal interview with one of the best new novelists of our time! Jean will reveal what she’s working on right now.

Girl in Translation


One thought on “Teaser: Jean Kwok Coming Wednesday

  1. Girl in Translation is a WONDERFUL book! It’s the first time in a long time I couldn’t put a book down until it was read to the end. I love “first novels”, and when I found this one, appearing unread, at an Francisco’s Book Bay, I HAD to give it a home. And I’m so, so glad I did! This is a heart warming story about a remarkable young woman, whose life as an immigrant to America is probably not unlike many others’; but only some have the spunk, determination, and self-respect of this main character. you’ve GOT to love her, wish her well.and be very glad to call her a fellow American!

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