Kate Morton’s The Distant Hours

Kate Morton

The Distant Hours

Kate Morton’s third novel is graced with one of the loveliest covers ever. THE DISTANT HOURS  is set in England in the past and present. Only problem with this awesome cover is that the U.S. cover is different. I will add it at the bottom of this post. It is nice but, not as nice as this.

Kate Morton explains in a YouTube video that she actually wrote the first chapter in a night. But, the story changed entirely as three of the characters decided to take over. And Kate decided to go ahead and let them.

Kate Morton is an Australian author living in Brisbane with her husband and three boys.


Kate Morton

THE DISTANT HOURS  is quite a lengthy tome coming in at 600 plus pages. Yikes! Kate’s prose is lilting and keeps the story moving along.  The characters are strong and the three sisters are amazing in their own right.

The rambling and decrepit castle, Mildlerhurst, turned out to be a character unto itself. Oh the secrets within its walls.

With all those pages to read, I must say this one became a page-turner for me about halfway through. And kept its suspense going full force until the bitter end!

I can only wonder what Kate Morton will have for us next time.

And this is the cover you will find here in the United States.

U.S. Cover

The Distant Hours

4 thoughts on “Kate Morton’s The Distant Hours

  1. This one too sounds good! And I like the first cover better as well. Thanks for keeping us on top of the unbelievable number of book selections available. Give Maurice a pat for me.

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