Author Interview With Abraham Verghese

Abraham Verghese

Abraham Verghese

Abraham and Jean

Abraham Verghese & Jean MBF 2009

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Abraham Verghese, author of  CUTTING FOR STONE, last year. He made the trek across the country from his home in California to attend Miami Book Fair. Since then, we’ve kept in touch.

CUTTING FOR STONE was gaining in popularity in hard cover, but since it has been

Abraham Verghese

Cutting For Stone

released in trade paper, well, to say sales have gone through the roof, is spot on. The paper cover is stunning and draws readers in immediately. People love unique, and unique it is.

Abraham Verghese has written two non fiction books as well. “The Tennis Partner” and “My Own Country”.

Dr. Verghese has been gracious enough to agree to a little Q&A today. So, I’d like to get started.

Abraham Verghese

Abraham Verghese

CUTTING FOR STONE is such an amazing novel. It’s one of my all-time favorites. I’m sure readers would love to hear where the idea was conceived for the story. Would you share it with us?

I always wanted to write a medical novel, using all the things I loved (and hated) about medicine. But it began for me with the image of a beautiful nun giving birth.

When asked which character you most bonded with you said Ghosh. Would you

bedside teaching

Teaching bedside

tell us why?

Ghosh is the internist and father I aspire to be!!!

Before reading CUTTING FOR STONE, I had no knowledge of Ethiopia. I have since become very curious about your lovely country and its history. It sounds amazing. Have you returned to it? If not, would you ever consider it? Do you have any family living there? What is your fondest memory of Addis Ababa?

Have been back twice. It is a bit sad for me to go back- lots of destruction. Ironically the present prime minister is a classmate from medical school.

I am in awe of your style as a doctor and teacher. Your bedside manner of teaching is becoming almost famous. Have you considered writing a book about it?

NOT yet!!!

I know you have three sons. Are any leaning toward careers in writing or medicine?

Alas, no, but maybe the youngest, the 13 yr. old. We will see.

Is it true you are working on a new novel? I heard a peep that you might be, and that maybe, just maybe, this novel takes place in Texas.

Yes, am indeed. But hesitant to start-it is like taking on a cross.

How do you find the time to write, teach, and spend time with your family?

Abraham at desk

At his day job!

It is very hard. It means books are infrequent and slow. My family I am sure thinks I am not around enough.


I can’t thank Abraham Verghese enough for taking time from his unbelievably busy schedule  to allow my readers to poke their noses into his life.

Abraham Verghese

My Own Country

The Tennis Partner

The Tennis Partner

Don’t miss Abraham Verghese’s two non fiction titles. His prose reads easily, like fiction.

Abraham Verghese is a scholar and a gentleman of the highest order. He is humble and a wonderful conversationalist. I know I so look forward to his next book. It will be well worth the wait. He writes most days. Says it all adds up. Has his fingers in so many pies. But is one of the few who can do that and make it all come together.

I think Abraham Verghese is not only an amazing writer but is making giant steps to enhance the teaching of old fashioned medicine, which is just what we need. CUTTING FOR STONE is destined to be a classic. We do look forward to the next…

7 thoughts on “Author Interview With Abraham Verghese

  1. Thanks for the great Q&A. I love Abraham Verghese and had the pleasure of meeting him at the Book & Author dinner in Richmond, Va. I adored Cutting for Stone and My Own Country and can’t wait to pick up The Tennis Partner.

  2. I’m sort of ashamed to admit that I haven’t read Cutting for Stone yet. I know. What have I been waiting for?

    I got a kick out of his responses. Short and to the point! A busy man, indeed.

  3. Cutting for Stone is such a thought-provoking story and informative about Ethiopia and its history as well. It is definitely one of my favorite books; so much so, that I want to read it again!

  4. Cutting for Stone The bset I have read in decades I am 80 years of age You are a great man with values we should aspire to My book has done the rounds of family and friends they loved the book and can’t wait to read more of your books and any thing else you write Hugh from Australia

  5. Have read the book- Cutting for Stone- a second time. It haunts me. I am 88 and have helped produce a medical family. A surgeon son with outstanding “M and M’s” and total compassion for his patients makes me feel “conjoined” to some of the book’s characters. Have read all 3 books and eagerly await the next one.
    Thank you, Dr. Verghese.

  6. I have just finished reading Cutting for Stone. It is the first fiction that I read in many years. I left me feeling revitalized and inspired. Like many, it introduced me to Ethiopia and an aspect of medicine in America.

    I am getting his other books and looking forward to his next ones.

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