Foreign Bodies

Cynthia Ozick

Foreign Bodies

FOREIGN BODIES is a fairly quick read. At 255 pages, I knew I could get through it quickly. I’ve not read Cynthia Ozick, and thought this would be a good time to give her a read.

The fact that this novel is based on a Henry James novel from years ago didn’t deter me but maybe it should have. I found the first part of the story intriguing, and right into and through the first tour of Paris in the early 50’s was almost a page turner. Ozick has a way with words. Her prose is lovely. Her sense of place was right where it should be. But the characters didn’t all ring true for me. And the story seemed to waver as it expanded.

Once back in the good old USA, the description of California was on the mark, but not enough to grab my interest back in focus. I wanted to love this book. It seemed to have such potential. But it was just okay for me.


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