The Tenth Song


The Tenth Song

The Tenth Song


The Samuels family is a perfectly normal upper class family living in Boston. Abigail teaches and her husband Adam is a high powered lawyer. They have made it to the top of their game. Their lovely daughter is attending Harvard Law School and is engaged to marry another law student. All is well with the world. Well, that was yesterday.

Naomi Ragen has written a unique story of what can happen to change lives in the blink of an eye. What can happen to rip your life totally apart, make you rethink your values, your needs, and your desires?

THE TENTH SONG became a page turner for me once the story is taken to Israel. I am still reeling from the scenes of sunsets and water and the desert. Ragen’s sense of place is wonderful. I actually got up and went to my Atlas more than once while reading to see just where she was talking about. How can a place like the Dead Sea sound so inviting!

Of course, this story is not a travel guide or even a love story. It is a tale of self-discovery, acute ambition, and hypocrisy. These characters are flawed and troubled.  There were a couple of hokey moments, but mostly, this novel was delightful.

Naomi Regan lives in Jerusalem and is keenly popular in Israel.

Now, I want to read more of Naomi Regan. And there are several more novels to choose from. And that makes me smile.


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