BBAW Day 3


BBAW 2010 Treasure Chest

It’s the third day of Book Blogger’s Appreciation Week. Today, the challenge is to share a book or genre you were influenced to try by another book blogger. Hm.

It’s only recently that I have begun reading other book blogs for the most part. Now that I am finding them by the handfuls, well, I am sure I will become influenced. Having said that, I will go a bit out of the box and say the book I have been drawn to read against my usual judgment would be SO MUCH FOR THAT by Lionel Shriver. Heck, I even thought the author was a guy. It was my favorite book reviewer, Ron Charles, of the Washington Post, who turned me onto this awesome book.  I loved it! But it’s not something that would normally call to me. He persuaded me with his wit and cunning. Now he is doing video podcast reviews for the Washington Post as well as written reviews. You can find him in the Style section of the paper or sometimes Arts.

You can follow Ron Charles on twitter at #roncharles.


Book Bloggers Appreciation Week


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