Collier County Library Headquarters Presentation

Clouds Beneath The Sun

Mackenzie Ford

Just a reminder.I will be presenting twenty new books on September, 29, at 2 P.M. at the Headquarters of the Collier County Library. I’m told the room will hold 100 people. Some people are reserving. Hm.  I hope to have a roomful of avid book lovers! Should be big fun.  I have a table full of stellar new novels. Even a couple of non-fiction titles will be mentioned. I will provide paperwork with a synopsis of the books so you can make notes and remember these notable titles. So, mark your calendars and come on down. See you there.

P.S. I’m reading THE CLOUDS BENEATH THE SUN by Mackenzie Ford.  It’s a big bold novel taking place in the Serengeti during the sixties. I think it’s going to be important.


2 thoughts on “Collier County Library Headquarters Presentation

  1. Oh no…what about those of us poor souls who will not have made a journey to FL yet? Any chance you might repeat your presentation, or if not, have some handouts?
    sue in fl (almost!)

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