Pat Conroy & Tatiana de Rosnay Coming Soon!

Pat Conroy


Tatiana de Rosnay

A Secret Kept

I’ve known for sometime now that Pat Conroy has a new book coming out in November. It’s not fiction. This is called MY READING LIFE and is a memoir piece. There was a fascinating article including a photo of him at his home on Fripp Island, S.C. in the Naples Daily News last Sunday. Imagine my surprise and the smile on my face on being greeted with this story.

So, heads up to all you Pat Conroy fans. What a great way to get inside the brain of such an interesting author. He is my favorite you know.

I’m keeping busy reading three advance copies of upcoming books. These are the three I have to choose from for the B&N recommend. Last time my favorite was chosen: VINTAGE AFFAIR. This time is a bit more challenging.

I do have a very special advance reader of the new Tatiana de Rosnay. Yes, the author of SARAH’S KEY. Title is A SECRET KEPT. Will keep you posted.


3 thoughts on “Pat Conroy & Tatiana de Rosnay Coming Soon!

  1. Your “click to look inside ” of both books didn’t work for me – Is it an error? Did want to have a look at Pat Conroy’s memoir – Joyce

    • Neither of the photos of the covers are actually set up to open up. Sorry. I have a reader’s copy of Pat Conroy’s memoir coming soon. But, I will not be able to post a review until close to pub date in November.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed Sarah’s Key. It was a kind of book I couldn’t put down. Yet I didn’t like the ending. It had too much of a storybook ending.

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