BlogHer 10

I flew to NYC with my daughter for the huge BlogHer 10 conference last weekend. There were 2500 attendees, mostly women. So many intelligent, smart, and energetic women.  God only knows what some of them had to go through to attend. Many are working mothers with small children. Most work full time jobs outside the home, as well as attending their blogs.

As of last night, I read many blog posts written about this most recent conference. Some of these people had begun writing coverage of this event as their feet hit the ground, running. Definitely ups the ante for the rest of us. I find myself wanting to dedicate more of my precious time to my blog now. I want to be better. I have been given the tools to do this, now I need to put my head down and go to it.

The last panel I attended was on loving your small blog. I thought this would be perfect for me. It was not for me at all. And I wonder who in that room it really pertained to. What I saw and heard were people who are working hard to make their blog the best it can be. Attending the conference alone is not cheap. It’s not the actual cost of the conference; it’s the cost of room and board. And taking off work, etc. So, I say, sure, they love their small blogs, but obviously, they want to get as much out of them as they can.

I learned plenty. These sessions were jam-packed with information. Bloggers got up and spoke, asked questions, and learned from each other. There were times I would liked to have attended more than one session, but they were scheduled at the same time. Thankfully, they have made pod casts and have scripts. So, I will be able to listen to the sessions I missed.

Traveling to NYC was no hardship. Lucky for me, this trip was an early birthday  gift from my daughter who is also a blogger. In fact, she is the one who got me interested, even found my header, and insisted I start writing about the many books and authors I love and admire.

So, many thanks go out to and my beautiful and oh-so-smart daughter, Alicia!


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