What a treat you have in store for you with Susanna Daniel’s new novel, STILTSVILLE.  I was lucky enough to receive a finished copy from the awesome publisher. The cover alone is reason enough to pick the book up. But, oh, the story. It just keeps getting better and better the more you read.

The story begins in 1969, in Miami, Florida.Frances Ellerby is visiting the city for the first time for a wedding. She makes friends with another young woman, and the story begins. Marse is the woman who will become the best friend Frances will have forever. But the start begins to look a bit shaky when the guy Marse is interested in falls for Frances.

A trip to stiltsville for the weekend turns into a call to Frances to stay in this seductive  new world of sun and water, called Miami. She falls in love with the place and the boy.

The pristine cover of this awesome new novel will wow you. Most of you may not have heard of these homes built over the water miles from shore, let alone having visited one. When I saw this cover, it brought back memories from many years ago. I was lucky enough to spend a day on a stilt home in the water in the Gulf of Mexico. I remember the awe I felt as we approached the house by boat. Here is a house in the middle of the water. A real house. So, the book called me to it for all the right reasons. Imagine my glee when I found the book not only well written but extremely well written.

Dennis and Frances have a relationship many would envy. They have love, a devoted family, and the kind of friends you can only hope for. When push comes to shove and they have to deal with what life throws their way, it is done with great dignity and with their whole hearts.

I fell in love with the city of Miami while reading this book. I remember so much of the times in the 70’s and 80’s that Daniel so keenly writes about. I remember the hurricanes, and especially Andrew.

Dennis, Frances, Marse, and Margo, I will remember you all fondly forever.



Susanna Daniel is an author to watch. I will be putting her lovely book in stacks on my table at work tomorrow morning, as well as loading it into our Discover New Writer’s bay.


One thought on “STILTSVILLE

  1. Love stories about Florida – Must pick this one up today – Who is the publisher? It’s so seldom we hear comments about the publisher. Love your column – I look for it in the Naples Daily News but haven’t seen it lately.

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