Books, Books, And More Books!

Okay, I did say I would keep you posted on the books I am reading. I will say I put THE PASSAGE aside after about 100 pages. It is well-written, even exciting, but not for me. Too much like sci-fi. But I gave it my best try.

I deep into an advance copy of a book coming out later this summer. It is called THE BLESSINGS OF THE ANIMALS. Katrina Kittle is the author. I had the pleasure of attending a writer’s conference in Yellow Springs, Ohio for three summers several years ago. Katrina had just gotten her first book deal and was so excited.  THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS did very well for her and you can usually find it on my table at work. Well, this one is amazing. I don’t want  to put it down. The protagonist is a woman veterinarian who is experiencing a heart-stopping divorce. There are animals, stressed out relationships, and extremely good writing. I am happy.

My review of THE INVISIBLE BRIDGE  will run in the paper this week. Don’t miss it. It’s my favorite book of this year!


One thought on “Books, Books, And More Books!

  1. Read your review of “The Invisible Bridge” today. Sounds like a terrific read. Loved your review. Are these books from regular publishers or self-publishers or POD publishers?
    Not that it makes a difference in good reading – it just helps when you’re trying to locate them. – Joyce

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