Maurice Goes To The Doctor

Maurice in the sun


Poor Maurice. No, he’s not sick. But he has to go visit the vet today. He has an ongoing ear problem that requires ear drops. It’s been a while since he’s been in so they insist on seeing him. So, we take him in. He is basking in the sun beneath my desk at this very moment. He has no idea that he will be whisked into his traveling carrier in a few hours. Hm. I’m not telling him. Not yet. Cats notoriously do not enjoy trips to the vet. Maurice is no exception. I’m just relieved it’s a “well” visit.

Oh, by the way, I’m reading a wonderful new novel by Julie Orringer. THE INVISIBLE BRIDGE is a complete delight! It may just be my best book of this year. I have put everything else aside and am taking my time and devouring it. It is that good. It takes place in Paris and Budapest. Of course it is before and during WWII. The characters are terribly endearing and I am quite taken with several of them. The love story is unbelievably well written and the story itself outstanding. I can hardly wait to review it for you. It is a big one, though. I am just halfway. We’re talking about six hundred pages here. Yes, I know, huge. But worth every single word. A treat for the summer months ahead.

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