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A big thank you to all of you who have let me know how much you enjoy seeing my reviews in the Naples Daily News. They run in the new Community Section of the paper. My editor squeezes them in when he can find the space between many of my very prolific colleagues. I  have discovered that the only way the nice people at the paper know that you enjoy reading my column is if I tell them you are coming into the store with copies of my latest review clutched in your hands, looking for the books. Many of you have made gracious comments on my blog, which I so appreciate. But, to keep the reviews current in the paper, it is good for them to hear it from you, the readers. So, I am asking you to write to the paper and tell them how you feel. You can do it online at the Naples Daily News website.  They really do want to know:) And it will keep those reviews coming in a timely manner.

Maurice has been very busy reading the past few weeks. And so have I. I’ve been reading the starred selections on the Philharmonic summer reading list. Elaine is narrowing the  books down carefully with the help of some of us from B&N.  We have agreed that this years picks are not as fun as last year or even the year before, for the most part. But we are doing our best to come up with some great choices for Elaine’s lecture. We’ve recently come across a new and very exciting novel that we think is worth taking a huge look at. So, much is going on behind the scenes in my reading world.

And, I just received the newest batch of books from our home office. These are the three advance’s of books coming out this summer. I will be voting for one to be the summer B&N Recommend. I must say I am already leaning toward one that is penned by an author that is known for her great summer titles.

Something we have to look forward to this fall is RUSSIAN WINTER.  Will be exciting to see this big title come into it’s own

Hope you are all geared up and planning a great summer. It is certainly already feeling like summertime in Southwest Florida.


3 thoughts on “Naples Daily News

  1. Oh yes, please do keep those wonderful reviews coming. Will look forward to continuing with the blog while up north. Will make me feel connected.
    Off to email the Naples News to show my support.

  2. Hello Jean ,I had been reading your column and like you I love to read ,I live in Naples , I was searching for a book club but I can’t find one here .I am glad that someone besides me like to read ,I am from South America and reading (is is my passion ,)opened the doors to learn the language .
    Your book reviews are really interesting .a lot of info .to us the ones who love reading
    Thanks ,I feel I have someone that has the same interests than me.I will continue reading your column it is very interesting.

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