Between Friends

Between Friends

Between Friends

Set in our own backyard, this, Kristy Kiernan’s third novel, is available now.

All Ali ever wished for was a child. And that was the one thing she could not have on her own. Enter Cora, her best friend, who gives so much of herself.

Now the miracle child, Letty, is fourteen. Ali has decided it’s time to try again. But when she confronts her husband, Benny, he is not on the same page. Benny is having his own problems. The last thing he wants to think about is having another child. And Letty is giving the parents who love her to distraction, so much trouble. There is much teen angst. More than a little.

When Cora breaks down with serious news of her health, Ali realizes that her life is being uprooted minute by minute, torn to shreds. Nothing is as it seems to be.

Letty is experiencing recklessness and young love. She is running with a fast crowd. And her dad is a cop. Fireworks are imminent. Seth, the boyfriend, is in trouble from the get-go. But, he’s really not a bad kid. He’s just in a bad situation.

Parents nowadays have so much to worry about. They worry that they are too strict; want to be respected and in touch with their kids. On the other hand, Ali and Benny have given Letty too much rope. And you know what that can mean.

While we watch Cora deal with not only her own illness but the affects it could have on Letty, Benny and Ali are going through a hell of their own. These characters who shine out loud, are driven by timely issues and love. We can relate to their shortcomings, their earthly problems, and their needs.

When Ali and Cora visit the beach, I can picture them there. When Kiernan uses the abandoned homes in Golden Gate, I can see them. And when she speaks about the type of old Florida homes we still love to see, I can see that too. And so will you. Kiernan uses our natural Florida surroundings to move her story into our hearts.

Lots of research has been put into this fine novel. I love learning ,and I learned plenty here.  Some of it quite painful, but necessary to move the story along and keep us informed.

Between Friends deals with the issue of definition of family. It delves into decisions made in a split second that can alter the course of many lives forever. It’s complicated.

Kiernan does a stellar job, building tension steadily, until we  just can’t stand it. Then she awards us with a satisfying culmination.

Kristy lives right here in Naples, in our neck of the woods. Her first novel,”Catching Genius” was the core of our book club at the store. So, we have come to call Kristy, friend.

“Between Friends”  is decidedly her best. Boy are we lucky; she’s working on something quite special right this very moment.


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