The Red Thread

The Red Thread

Ann Hood

Ann Hood is back! Oh, is she ever. This one will knock your socks off.

Maya Lange has opened a special adoption agency. She deals strictly with placing Chinese babies with American families. This topic is near and dear to Ann Hood’s heart as she actually experienced first hand this very situation as she adopted a baby girl from China herself. It was after losing a child.

We often hear the stories of the adoptive parents and we do so here as well, but this story delves deep into the Chinese mothers who have lost their baby girls to horrific situations. The voices of these young women will snap your heart in two. Miss Hood takes several families and lets you in on their angst. Why do they wish to adopt? Who are they? And her story. Maya. Why is she so compelled to find homes for these babies? Her loss of her own baby girl years ago has almost ruined her for thinking she can be a parent. She still blames herself for the accident of her babies death. Her marriage fell apart. She left her husband. He remarried and has a child with another coming. She doesn’t feel worthy of love or a relationship. Then along comes Jack.

These wanna- be parents are all flawed. Not all will make it to China. Relationships fail. Pregnancies happen against all odds.  Secrets explode: Sophie and Theo: he had a child out of wedlock with the love of his life.

Susannah and Carter already have a girl but she has fragile x syndrome. Susannah is terrified another child might also possess this gene.

Michael and Emily deal with his teenage daughter and ex-wife.

Nell and Ben are well off tight asses. Nell’s a bitch who has an affair with Theo.

Charlie and Brooke have been married sixteen years, and he thinks she wants a baby more than anything. That’s what he thinks.

Jack is patient and kind and falls for Maya, allowing her the space she craves.

The stories interwoven throughout of the Chinese mothers made me sob. I had never thought about what went on on the other end. It is still so archaic that in this day and age an entire country would have a law that  allowed only one child per couple. But if the first child is a girl, you can have two, but the second child has to be a boy. If not, bye bye baby. Babies are stolen away from newborn mothers, left to die in the elements, given away. Hidden. Family or friends or neighbors will turn you in. They fear reprisal themselves. It is barbaric. Hood has done an amazing job of bringing this timely topic into our homes and our hearts. I loved this novel.


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