Elaine Newton on CUTTING FOR STONE

Cutting for Stone

Boy, was I the lucky one on Saturday. I went to the lecture on CUTTING FOR STONE with Danielle, a dear friend of mine. We are both wild fans of the book.

Elaine Newton gave an amazing talk on CUTTING FOR STONE at the Philharmonic for the arts in Naples, Florida. She began the talk speaking of stones and how they have been part of medicine forever, then moved on to the Hippocratic oath one must make as a doctor. Then she tore into the story. She made us laugh and cry. She did Abraham proud. She spoke of him with depth of feeling and likened his lovely story to THE ODYSSEY.  For ninety minutes we were riveted to the sound of Elaine’s voice. We were totally enmeshed in the story. We were so spent at the end. And it was a good kind of spent. It was not even noon yet. WOW!

If you ever find yourself with the opportunity to attend a lecture by Doctor Elaine Newton on a book you love, make sure you go. You will find even more to the story. You will love it more. And you will own it forever.


One thought on “Elaine Newton on CUTTING FOR STONE

  1. I was not able to read your review, but think this is one of the best books I have read in a long time. It not only gives the unusual relationship between twins, but also the culture of the country in an easy, comfortable and magnetic language that makes the book a real page turner.

    I appreciatedyour review of ” Remarkable Creatures” so much that I saved it to get frommy own local library whenI returned to Columbus. Now I am on a waiting list since I found that you are not the only one who thinks this book is so special.

    Your husband, Jack, was my special friend when I was in Breckinridge for the winter.

    Sincerely, Dorothy Kahn

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