Happy St. Paddy’s Day

I promised in my last review in the Naples Daily News that I would keep you all posted on “Galway Bay.” So, here’s my post. For those of you who are big Irish saga fans, “Galway Bay” will delight.  The characters are both interesting and well defined, and you will like them. Mary Pat Kelly has certainly done her research. She covers the potato trouble to a T. And she uses brogue like there’s nobody’s business. Unfortunately for me, the brogue got the best of me. I found myself flipping back and forth to the glossary, yes, she has one. I just could not remember what was what. Now, I feel I am the exception here. I have had more than one friend say they love this sweeping novel. It is not that I disliked it. I just have many compelling books screaming for me to read them. But, today is the day for the Irish, and if you’re looking for that special read, this is it.


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