Reading, Reading, And More Reading!

I must apologize for not making a post this week. I know it’s overdue. However, I have been chosen by our company to vote on the three upcoming novels being considered for our company recommend. I have read the first two books and find them both better than any of the past books we’ve recognized. And, I am busy reading the third now. It is good as well, but different. I will be reviewing these books once they are available to the reading public.

I will let you know that Maurice is reading a manuscript at this very moment. The title will be RUSSIAN WINTER. This story could be very important. He is taking his time in order to savor it. So many times he finds himself flying through the pages so he can get on to the next big book. Well, this might be the next big book. How about that! I will keep you posted.

By next week I will be back on track with more reviews. And some tasty tidbits about upcoming books for spring and summer.


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